5 places I want to visit in my life

Lately I have been thinking a lot about travel and – like many of us – my hunger to expand on locations of the world I have visited. One of the disadvantages of being a broke graduate means that wanderlust and exploration must take a backseat for more real problems and short term goals, but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

So, in a completely unoriginal and cliche fashion, I present for you five corners of the world I hope to see at some point in my life. Just to be clear, I’m not going to set any particular timescale for when I want to visit. While it would be nice to say I spent time in all of this locations in my youth, it simply isn’t realistic unless a winning lottery ticket somehow fell into my hands. Whether I’m 24 or 104, these are just a few of the places I absolutely want to visit during my time on Earth.

New York City

I have always had a love for cities, you can put my passionate love for London down to that, but no city is more city than New York. A world icon, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t familiar of the Big Apple in some form whether through the big or small screen, sports, or just an awareness of that incredible skyline.

Talking to friends and family lucky enough to have visited NYC I have always heard the same response from them; breathtaking. From the enormous skyscrapers that dominate all around it, to the picturesque Central Park, everything in the city seems big, bold and eager to be better than anywhere else. Spending all my life living in a small town in Northern Ireland I found London a little overwhelming on my first visit. I can only imagine how mind blowing it would be for me on Times Square, or taking in the view from the Empire State Building.


This may sound like an odd one, but the more you research into Nordic island south of the Artic, the more you realise just how fascinating it really is.

Initially, my main reason for wanting to visit Iceland is to see the Northern Lights. A natural phenomenon, it’s something I have always wanted to experience for real especially as a lover of space and all that. Obviously though you can’t plan an entire holiday over one event, that happens at night, with no guarantee you’ll actually see it. If I am to ever go all the way to the country, I’d want to make the most of it.

Doing some research I couldn’t believe just how amazing and beautiful Iceland really is. From the dormant volcanos, active geysers and gianatic waterfalls, Iceland looks more like something ripped from a science fiction epic than an 3 hour flight away from Heathrow. I would absolutely love the opportunity to pick up a good DSLR camera, pack my winter gear and get some stunning photographs of the rich landscapes the island has to offer.


There isn’t anywhere on Earth and mixes and the old and new so perfectly quite like Japan. When you think of the Asian country, you may first be reminded of the temples, gardens and rich history that has inspired countless media, folklore, myths and western culture. Then again, it’s hard not to think of Japan as the technological powerhouse of hyper modernness, home to tech giants like Sony and Nintendo.

For me, I want to see both sides of the Japanese coin. I want to explore and learn about the history and culture while at the same time immersive myself in what is practically the future the rest of the world hasn’t caught up with yet.

I still have a lot to learn about where exactly I would like to visit (though Tokyo is an obvious choice) and I would certainly like to teach myself some of the language, etiquette etc before embarking on such a trip, but this is definitely one for the bucket list. It probably won’t happen anytime soon, but I want to be able to say I once had an unforgettable trip to Japan where I returned with a lot more knowledge and appreciation than I did before leaving.

Oh and Tokyo Disneyland too, obviously.

Easter Island

I love mysteries. There’s nothing that intrigues me more than a good YouTube video or documentary about an unexplained event, sudden disappearance without reason or a discovery that the scientists can’t explain. While there are loads of locations all around the world shrouded in perplexion (Stonehenge, Burmuda Triangle etc), Easter Island has always been particularly fascinating for me.

You might know Easter Island better as “that place with the big heads” – the core reason I want to experience the place. Technically owned by Chile but located in the middle of nowhere, relatively little is known about the giant statues dotted around Easter Island, the tribe that created them or how they were even made. Eyebrows continue the raise given the bizarre connection the island had with the great pyramids of Giza. Despite being completely isolated by each other on other ends of the planet, the two locations (along with a few others) align near perfectly in a circular line around the globe.

I’m not expecting to unlock any secrets visiting Easter Island, but just in case I do I want to be thenafter known as Indiana Luke, okay?


Call it a cop out but yes, the big Disney geek wants to visit the state Walt Disney World is in. I shouldn’t have to explain why I want to go to Disney flagship resort (I mean, it’s Disney World), but there are several other things aside from the Mouse I want to see in the Sunshine State.

The second thing that comes to mind to many after WDW is of course Universal Studios, which I’m definitely curious to experience and compare to Disney. A huge Jurassic Park fan, I also really want to experience the classic attraction themed to the movie, which interestingly enough borrows a left of concept from the original novel that never made it to the Spielberg film.

As I said earlier I am a big space nut. I love me some NASA news or documentaries on the final frontier. It’s only natural in this case that a trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without visiting the historic Kennedy Space Center. Probably most famous for being the launch zone for Apollo 11’s moon landing, the center is still used today for inspiring space missions by NASA and even SpaceX. What an honour would it be to witness a space launch.


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